Stand with Mom

For many years, Rob Portman’s mom served on her local Planned Parenthood board. Her son grew up to be a U.S. Senator – then voted to defund Planned Parenthood.

Senator Portman supports lots of policies that are bad for moms and kids. That’s why he is the first politician ProgressOhio is featuring in its Stand With Mom campaign.

Why has our state fallen so far? Because politicians like Sen. Portman have their priorities all wrong. It’s time to Stand With Mom and tell politicians to get their priorities straight. We’re asking you to join us in this effort by making a contribution to Stand With Mom.

The first $1,000 raised by this campaign will go to targeted digital ads. If we hit $7,000 we will get a matching sponsorship and be able to put a version of this billboard up in a prime location in Cincinnati, where Portman is from.

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